Your Football Career – In short
To be a part of this game do you need to create your player. When doing this, you have to make your user name the same as your player’s name. You can freely choose your players name, but it have to be realistic. It is possible to have a space between your first name and surname, so make good use for it.

When you have created a player, do you have to create a thread in the forum under Are you a new player? – The thread has to been your player’s name and nothing else. In the thread do you have to promote yourself and make yourself interesting for the managers.

Before this will, it be a good idea to take a good look at which position you want to play at. Take a look at the list of all the player to see which position might be the best to start at. This can be found at Forum > The teams, players and managers > The player area and the thread List of players (active and draft).

As a new player in this new world are you 21 years old and as free agent. There are two transfer windows each season. One before the season and one in the middle of the season.

Because of this will there never be too far until the next transfer window and if you start outside of a transfer window is it important that you make yourself interesting for the managers, read the rules and think about how you will use your wages – there are several opportunities.

If you are in any doubt, watch the different videos on the site. If these do not answer your questions, do not hesitate to ask the others players, so you will start the best way possible.

One important thing thou – You player is a real person, so think before you speak – everything you say can have consequences in the future. The journalists are listening and the managers are picky.

Good luck! A whole new world awaits your arrival!
Get Started!
For Danish members we have created this startup video. In the future this will be swapped for an English version.