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If you are a manager you must adhere to the following rules in addition to the general rules that apply to everyone.

.::Rule number 1 - Managers are not allowed to buy all players::..

1.1 You are not allowed to buy your "own" player. In other words - you are not allowed to control both a player and a manager on the same team.
- Exception: If you have played at the same team for five consecutive season, can you be a playing manager for you team.

1.2 Keep it real! If your player or manager has gotten a bad reputation is it not allowed to use your player/manager to praise the unpopular person. Each character has different roles and it is important to keep them separated.

Then what am I allowed to do?
- You can of course praise your player/journalist for situations where you would have praised others. If your manager has just been named Manager of the Year, is your player of course allowed to congratulate him and vice versa – but do not exaggerate!

- If your manager buys your player, will both be banned from the game. It is very easy for the Football Federation to check, so there is no reason this should ever happen.

- If you cannot separate your roles in the game you will be met with sanctions like lawsuits, fines and bans.

..::Rule number 2 – Transfer window and negotiations::..

2.1 Contract negotiation outside the transfer window is forbidden! The Football Federation will crack down on any negotiation outside a transfer window. This can result in fines, bans or transfer embargoes (for the clubs).

2.2 The transfer window is open between season and halfway through the season.

2.3 The Bosman rule: If a player indicates the he is leaving his club at the end of his contract, is it not allowed to contact the player before the last half season of his contract.

How do I know that I am following the rules?
- The Football Federation will clearly announce when the transfer window is open. News will be published in Transfer area and on the front page of the site.

..::Rule number 3 – Transferlisted players::..

1) A player can always demand to be placed on the transfer list. This makes it possible for other clubs to bid on him outside the transfer window. He will not, however, be able to transfer before a transfer window opens.

2) If a player demands to be placed on the transfer list, will he be listed at his release clause.

3) A player who has demanded to be put on the transfer list can be taken off the team by his manager if the manager wishes it. He will not play in games until he is sold or reinstated on the team by his manager.

How can I be transferlisted? (For players)
1) You should write a message in the transfer list forum topic. This will place you on the transfer list. The list is updated regularly.

How do I remove a player from the team when he has transferlisted himself?
1) Write a private message to The Football Federation making it clear that the player will be off the team until he hears from you again. The Football Federation will make sure he does not play for the club until you rescind your order.

A manager can NEVER be in contact with his own player.

If you are a manager and one of your players wishes to train a new position it will cost the club 1,500,000. You must also approve the training for your player. If a player wishes to train positions twice, will the price for the second (and final) training will cost 3,000,000 so the total cost for the club will be 4,500,000.
The money is deducted from your transfer budget and it is your responsibility to keep track of the cost in your excel worksheet.

If the training is not registered correctly into the excel sheet there is a fine. The fine is 10 times the missing figure so a missed positional training will be fined with 15,000,000.
If the team cannot pay the fine a transfer embargo of one transfer window will take effect. That means that the team will not be able to buy any new players, including free agents.
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