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Habana-Exiom C.F.
Andy Brown
Club Information:
Name: Habana-Exiom Club de Futboll
Club Motto. un club para todos. (A Club For Everyone)
Founded: Season 1
Base: Spain Sevilla
Stadium:Cerca de la perla Capacity 25.000

Youth Academy: Habana Star Academy (lvl 3)
Academy Motto : We Develop The Stars Of Tomorrow

welcome to Habana Star Academy the place where your development is in focus, we only use the top of the line equipment and our Academy are Packed with the very best consultants and youth coaches
Because your talent Matters, Develop yourself to your maximum potientale at our Academy
(Young Habana players (21-23 years of age ) can train 50% cheaper.)

About the Club: Habana is Founded in Season1 and has it´s home in the Spanish city Sevilla
Habana´s Declared goal is to Develop Talents and give the future stars a place to enter the League
We Believe that a young thirsty team suported by a limited number of more veteran players
Can create the Foundation for a competitive team

Club motto:un club para todos This mean we wish to have room for the players who really wants to be part of our Club, instead of us having to Convince anyone that they belong here,
cohesion and the joy of developing young players is our incentive and the goal is to have a team in the YFC League

The older players we ideally wish to have in the Club is someone who burns with a passion to share whatever knowlegde of the game he has with the next generation someone for whome the joy of the game and to see
the team and his team mate developing means more than personal glory and million dollar pay checks,
it could be an Academy graduate with a special bond to the club, a player close to retirement
with they dream of being a coach or manager that wish to test his ability to mentor to our younger players and find that inspiring, or simply someone who have a hard time finding a team somewhere else for whatever reason.
ideally players that are willing to take a year on loan if necessary to great room for a new talent
(said in another way the key words here are Team spirit Loyalty and Club Patriotism)

Season 11 Jerseys

Assistant Manager:[59].pngName: Julio Carlos
Nation: Brazil

Season 11 Team :

Player Manager
99. Jonesy
Position: Keeper
Nationality: Dane
Contract:end after season 11
Minimum Fee Release: 1.000.000

2. Juan Pablo Mancena
Position: Central Defender / Left Back
Nationality: Spanish
Contract: end after season 12
Minimum Fee Release: 75.000.000

3.Christian Lillelund
Position: Central Defender
Nationality: Portuguese:
Contract: end after season 12
Minimum Fee Release: 100.000.000

.Jake Tyler
Position: Right Back / Left Back / Central Defender
Nationalitet: American
Contract: end after season 11
Minimum Fee Release: 100.000.000
. Gudjon Palmarsson
Position: Left Back / Right Back
Contract:end after season 11
Minimum Fee Release:100.000.000

10.Thorbjorn "Pirlo" Halvordson
Position: Central Midfielder / Defensive Midfielder
Contract:end after season 12
Minimum Fee Release 40.000.000
7. Frank Mandela
Position: Central Midfielder
Contract: end after season 15
Minimum Fee Release 100.000.000

88. Miguel Lopez
Position: Right/ Left Wing /Left Midfielder
Contract:end after season 13
Minimum Fee Release:100.000.000
Athanasius Krylov
Position: Striker
Nationality: Russian
Contract:end after season 11
Minimum Fee Release: 75.000.000[1272].jpg
Haider Makalo
Position: Striker
Nationality: Algerian
Contract:end after season season 11
Minimum Fee Release: 75,000,000

Daniel Mujica
Position: Striker
Nationality: Cuba
Contract: end after season season 11
Minimum Fee Release: 70,000,000

Mu Lapalapa
Position: Striker
Nationality: Samoa
Contract: end after season season 13
Minimum Fee Release: 45,000,000

Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Andy Brown
style of play & Tactics
in possession:
we are playing possession football and are not afraid to take our time on the ball when needed as long as we are on the ball the oponent will not score
when building up the attack small short semi quick passes are those preferably used our passing game shall be quick enough to create chances and not come under to much presure, but on the other hand not so quick that the player making the pass don´t have time to consider where he want to send his next pass.
tempo shall never be at the cost of the players ability to think
more often than not a well thought out pass beats a quick one
don´t be afraid to make a pass to the side or backwards if necessary it is more important to keep the ball in our possession than to rush the attack forward
our playmakers also play an important part in our effort to keep the ball and create chances they are on the field for a reason don´t be afraid to pass theme the ball, it is ofcourse not totally prohibitted
to think out of the box and do something unexpected but it is considered more important that we can count on each others as teammates so it shouldn´t be at the exspense of you keeping those agreements made with the the team for your position I want a team out there not 11 induviduals running around like headless chickens
we want to be able to create chances from our passing play so we don´t have to live on flukes and luck.

on defense:
our defense will stay relatively low when in possession both to defend against contras and the deep pass but also so we don´t have to run backwards should we loose possession
when the ball is lost
we will apply a pressure style
defense and the low standing defensive players will now in the tempo most appropriate to the situation move forward and participate in the pressure style,
here we will once more benefit from staying low with the defense as we can now take the
necessary steps forward with full overview
of the field and situation having time to do so with some consideration as to where the oposition and the ball is , oppose to having to chase down the attacking teams player.
We will apply a relatively heavy pressure
whenever we are not in possession
this should be durable due to the fact that this is hopefully not in the majority of the match
as we are trying to keep the ball in our possession giving us on ball time when possible it is also important that it is the entire team who is part of our chase for the ball
the first defender ought to be our striker
another important part of our defense is our offside trap here is it ofcourse of great importance that we stick to our agreements, it is in a high degree up to the individual player to decide how close one are marking any given
player but you ofcourse have to stay close enough that you can be an efective part of our pressing style.

Tactics and the numbers game :I am not the kind of manager there sticks to a given formation for good
We are allways trying to adapt to the players avariable to us, under here there will be the most likely
used formations and what they are mainly in use for as soon as we know this for any given season,.
in my oppinion players are allways more important that what i call the numbers game,
any given formation. I am pratical about this if something in my opinion will work better I do not have any qualms about changing it around. what ever works
this ofcourse don´t mean we are changing tactics 100 times a season we are usually staying with one or two main one for a season.
Redigeret af Andy Brown d. 08-02-2016 11:10
Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Andy Brown
så er det transfer night og syntes lige jeg vil følge andre managers eksempel og offentligøre hvad klubben primært er på udgik efter.
vi søger først og fremest
en målmand FUNDET
central forsvarer FUNDET

en midtbane spiller med defensive kvaliteter der kan hjælpe med at afskærme for vores forsvar så gerne en boldvindende midt der kan og er intresseret i at spille dm men en defensiv playmaker med gode defensive kvaliteter kan os gå an eventuelt en box to box spiller type

Vi mangler nu også en højre offensiv midtbane Hentet

kunne også godt bruge en venstre back Hentet

rutineret spillere alle positioner virkeligt kan nok godt finde plads til en enkelt spiller der vile kune hjælpe hæve holdets generele niveaue og give os en smulle mere rutine.

så er du intreseret i at komme og spille for Habana send mig en besked
spiller du ikke en af overstående positioner eller er en rutineret spiller og er du aligevel intreseret i at spille for os er du selfølig velkommen til at prøve at skrive hvem ved måske kan der blive plads til dig i truppen aligevel.

EDIT Opdateret hvilken spillere kluben er på udkig efter primært
Redigeret af Andy Brown d. 02-01-2014 18:09
Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Andy Brown
vi har fået en tilgang af central forsvaren Frode Maas for de kommende 2.5 sæsoner han erstater draft spilleren Riccardo Scoglio i truppen som kan tage på en velfortjent fodbold pension.
Signingen af Frode skal ses som en del af klubbens plan om at få fremtids sikret vores forsvar så vi ikke bliver så afhængige af draft spillere.
Jeg har stor tiltro til at Frode nok skal bliv en Gevinst for Habana da jeg allerede nu ser ham som en dygtig spillere og med tid vil han forhåbentligt udvikle sig endnu mere han er en utrolig stærk og nærkampstærk spiller som virkelig går til den i duellerne så er sikker på at han nok skal falde i fansnes smag.

Så velkommen til Frode
og i samme ombærring en tak for tro tjeneste til Riccardo
Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Andy Brown
har været et meget aktivt vindue indtil vidre har både fået en hel bunke spillere både ind og ud men vores hold er så småt begyndt at forme sig.

Vi mangler dog stadigvæk en central midtbane spiller gerne med mere end en halv sæson fra ligaen og helst en der kan spille som DM (også)
da vores midtbane mangler noget rutine og godt kunne bruges at blive styrket. men for den riktige spiller kunne en mere offensiv midtbane spiller også godt være intresant
Er det dig skriv gerne tilbage så må vi se om ikke det er muligt at få dig frikøbt af din nuværende kontrakt.
Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Marco Hardi
Synes du ikke selv, at 50 mio er ekstremt for Oliver?

Var den bedste
Andy Brown
jo men
når man ser hvad andre spillere er gået for så er det den vej tingene går er et resultat af at der er kommet rigtig mange transfer penge i YFC ligaen.

og hvis ikke jeg bruger de penge klubben har til rådighed og ender med at rykke ned er det jo først helt galt.
Jeg har iøvrigt stadigvæk et kæmpe overskud for det her vindue
og syntes vi er tæt på at have et fornuftigt hold samlet men smider da gerne et ligende beløb igen for den helt rigtige spiller for vores hold
om nødvendigt
Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Alexandre Lazovik
Du mener, at Oliver er den helt rigtigte spiller for jeres hold?
Edit - Tror lige du skal have kigget på dine præsentation af spillerne igen Wink
Anders Mortensen nærmere bestemtn Wink

Alder: 31
Nation: Croatia
Hold: Chakra United
Position: Central Midtfielder
I don't know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.
Anders Mortensen
Fedt at komme til klubben Grin

-Navn: Anders Mortensen
-Alder: 21
-Nationalitet: Dansk
-Positioner: OVB(100%), OMV(50%)
-Agent: Søger
-Kontraktudløb: Til og med sæson 5
-Favoritben: Venstrebenet
-Mål: 1
Oliver W Enevoldsen
Glæder mig til en forhåbentlig god og lang karriere i Habana Exiom CF Grin
Aidan Baines
Du skifter jo i næste vindue?
Navn: Aidan Baines
Alder: 27
Nationalitet: Walisisk
Spillerprofil: Boldvindende midtbane
Positioner: MC (100%), DMC (75%), FC (75%)
Klub: Kontraktfri
Oliver W Enevoldsen
Nej jeg gør ej...
Andy Brown
Alexandre Lazovik skrev:

Du mener, at Oliver er den helt rigtigte spiller for jeres hold?

Ja vi manglet en offensiv højre midt som erstatning for Briand og jeg mener han var den bedste vi kunne ha mulighed for at hente.
at han så samtidig også er en god central Angriber styrker så bare vores Taktiske muligheder.
Jeg så et hul efter en spiller havde forladt holdet og bragte en anden spiller ind til at lukke det, med nogen af de midler der var til min rådighed, ja det kostet en lille smulle dyrt denne her gang,kan jo ikke erstate hver eneste spiller der forlader mig med spillere på fri transfer,
og de spillere med biligst frikøbs klausuler,
er der også størst rift om så de går tit til de største klubber eller for en meget høj løn.
Jeg betalte hvad der var nødvendigt for at hente ham til klubben og er tilfreds med mit køb.
Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Alexandre Lazovik
Oliver W Enevoldsen skrev:

Nej jeg gør ej...

Det sagde du også i sommer's da du kom til TDF. Jeg var i tvivl om dine kvaliteter, og det er jeg stadig. Du scorer ikke ret mange mål, lagt sammen med det faktum, at du skiftre hele tiden. Ved du, hvad loyalitet er?
Jeg er dog glad for at min tidligere klub, har tjent godt på dig.

Alder: 31
Nation: Croatia
Hold: Chakra United
Position: Central Midtfielder
I don't know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.
Dario Severinsen
Aidan Baines skrev:

Du skifter jo i næste vindue?


Godt det ikke er mig med et så tungt prisskilt hængende over mit hoved... Det ville jo ødelægge min manke Wink

Name: Dario Severinsen
Age: 37 (S13)
Nationality: Germany (2. nationality Denmark)
Position: Sweeper Keeper
Current Club: Episkopi FC
True Faith
Leandro Luiz da Silva
Oliver W Enevoldsen skrev:

Nej jeg gør ej...

Sikker ? Grin

Spillerprofil: Trequartista
Position: Str (100%) OMV (100%)
Klub: Jericoacoara SC
Nationalitet: Brazil
Statistik (S8)
Kampe spillet: 24
Mål: 18
Assist: 10
Andy Brown
Nu skal Oliver overhovdet ikke koncentrer sig om hvad der er blevet betalt for ham det er 100 % mit ansvar.

Iøvrigt var det at vi hentet Oliver også medvirkende til at vi kunne hente et andet transfer mål nemlig stor talentet Anders Mortensen til vores Venstre back.
Da de to havde et ønske om at spille på samme hold,
så skulle jeg eventuelt have betalt en lille smulle for meget for Oliver så mener jeg nemt det opvejer det at vi endte med at tiltræke et andet af klubbens transfer mål.
Manager Lokomotiva Beograd
former Manager Habana- Exiom CF until s 9

former Manager Highland Warriors s2
Brandon Chambers
Hvorfor betaler man 50.000.000 for Oliver?

Hov, det er der vist allerede blevet spurgt om. Nå, men man kan vel ikke stille det spørgsmål ofte nok. Anyways er jeg glad for ikke at spille på hold med ham længere. I kan i Habana nu se frem til en hel del ligegyldige opråb i omklædningsrummet. Held og lykke med det!
Brandon Chambers
31 years old
New Zealand
Offensive right back, Right winger & Central midfielder
FK Lokomotiva Beograd
Before you talk the talk, you better walk the walk
Kaspar Virtanen
Jeg kan ikke lade være med at undre mig over, at man smider 50.000.000 efter Oliver. Det gør ham til et af historiens dyreste indkøb, og her er vel at mærke tale om en angriber, der ikke engang har scoret ti mål i løbet af halvandet år som professionel.

Jeg er i hvert fald ikke i tvivl om, at Nelson Zuma sidder og gnider sig i hænderne i Danmark.
Marco Hardi
Kaspar said it. Det virker som et sygt desperat køb.

Var den bedste
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